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The US State and Local Public Market is a decentralized environment. This market includes procurement departments from 50 states, 6 territories, 3033 counties, 1600 universities, and over 90,000 political sub-divisions. Their combined procurement activity generates over 450,000 tenders issued annually and results in contract awards worth hundreds of billions in US Dollars

To help demystify this marketplace we have assembled useful tools and relevant resources separated into four primary categories (1) US State Procurement (2) US Cooperative Procurement (3) Study & Learn (4) Podcasts & Blogs. If you wish to receive ongoing information from NASPO or want to pose a question, please fill out the registration form at the bottom of this page.

Below are links to important resources outlining state procurement profiles and how each state does actually conducts business. Understanding procurement priorities is key as this indicates areas of interest and potential procurement initiatives underway. Time spent in this section will enhance your understanding and effectiveness working with state procurement markets.


This is the official website of the NASPO organization and contains several resources helpful to gaining a deeper understanding about the US State Procurement markets


State Profiles

NASPO is made up of the directors and staff of the central procurement offices in each of the 50 states, the District of Columbia and the territories of the United States. Select a state from the map found in this link and see the profiles of our members


Repository of State Practices

Each state has different procurement practices and this link will provide a roadmap on how to do business with every state


2023 Top-Ten US State Priorities

Learn about the priorities of state markets


Past US State Priorities

Past priorities provide insight into state procurement initiatives

Market trends develop in every market. The NASPO podcasting and blogs series will keep you up to date on the challenges faced by public procurement. By understanding these challenges you are better positioned to offer solutions.

Emerging Markets Explained Podcast

Learn how to submit ideas for national contracts


NASPO History Timeline

This video profiles NASPO's 75-year history of serving the public procurement profession


NASPO Pulse Podcast

Interviews with procurement officials


NASPO Pulse Blog

Contemporary procurement issues are addressed

NASPO ValuePoint is the Cooperative Procurement division of NASPO and provides a contracting platform for suppliers to distribute goods and services to state and local markets.

NASPO ValuePoint Tenders

View current cooperative bidding opportunities through the largest US public procurement cooperative NASPO ValuePoint


NASPO ValuePoint

The NASPO ValuePoint website is robust with information helpful to suppliers of every size


NASPO ValuePoint Contract Portfolios

Browse current ValuePoint portfolio offerings and follow any portfolio to learn about future opportunities


Emerging Markets

The Emerging Markets initiative was designed to encourage the private sector to submit innovative contracting ideas that will lead to more efficiency in government

NASPO currently has registered users from 44 countries that take e-learning courses. At this time, all courses are offered for free so it's a great resource to learn.

Supplier Academy

Learn techniques on examining tenders, methods to identify important solicitation issues, and master drafting techniques which is helpful during the questions and answer phase of a procurement. Supplier Academy will take your skills to the next level


The Value of NASPO Training

Many suppliers use NASPO e-learning courses to train their sales staff and this video testimonial underscores the value of our supplier training courses


State & Local Government Procurement Guide

Comprehensive guide addressing current procurement challenges and how the procurement community addresses those challenges.


Procurement Toolbox

Takes the fundamental topics of the public procurement process and provide a high-level introductory overview with additional links to NASPO resources for deeper understanding.


Procurement University

NASPO's Procurement University is a multi-faceted education platform provided to members of the National Association of State Procurement Officials and other government procurement professionals. Procurement U provides professional development opportunities, training, resources, publications and more that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of public procurement officials and staff.


Journey Into State Procurement Guide

The level of success, for any supplier considering the US public procurement markets, is linked to understanding market structures, tendering fundamentals, and building a solid plan to engage in public procurement market opportunities.The purpose of this guide is to provide tools and resources to make the most of your journey.

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